We INVEST in; our culture, dynamic edges and the consistent evolution of our successful habits


Habitus Capital mimics Natures’ truths. Unique talents co-exist within a conducive environment, striving toward efficiency and optimisation. Individual strengths are harnessed, weaknesses overcome by adding human capital, thus creating a symbiotic association. The collective Team adopts instinctive habits and smart processes that enforce a system of constant evolution. Thus, high-performance is a function of optimising our habitual processes. Through weakness we adapt, evolve and grow. Through strength, we thrive.

Our Purpose

To build an exclusive team of talented individuals that share a common ideology and create a unique cultural identity through practiced habits.

Vision Statement

Our cultural model will become world renowned and our practices adopted globally.

We will develop tools that unlock true human potential, leading to world class performers.

Our unique environment will be designed and built by the team, for the team.

We will create our vision of the financial markets.

We will outperform constantly, consistently and ethically.

Individual Ethos



Leveraged Futures Fund

This fund is a multi-strategy, pure discretionary fund designed on employing leverage in high probability strategies with a core focus on risk management. The fund executes within the liquid futures markets across various asset classes including bond index futures, equity index futures, FX futures and commodity futures.

Fusion Fund

This fund is an non-discretionary model deploying asymmetrical risk-reward strategies. The model fuses automated signalling, decision making and risk management with discretionary order entry to extrapolate the unique edges found in both discretionary and non-discretionary trading. This fund deploys a minimal amount of leverage and seeks to capture measurable momentum within the futures markets.

Quantitative Automated Fund

This fund is a multi-strategy, non-discretionary fund. This pure-algorithm fund, is high frequency in nature and seeks to capture incremental opportunities within the Futures Markets. The sole objective of every strategy employed is precision in order management and execution.

Launch date: To be announced

Our Edges

  • Our automated model
  • Our pursuit of extracting strengths found within discretionary and non-discretionary trading
  • Our focus on risk-management combined with asymmetrical strategies
  • Our trading environment and culture

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*Habitus Capital is not FCA regulated


  • Leveraged Futures Fund
  • Momentum Macro Fund
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  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018

Leveraged Futures Fund

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Career Opportunities

At Habitus Capital we believe every individual has unique talent which can be harnessed within the right environment. We add value to our team when an individual is a strong match within our cultural identity. All applications should be emailed to A cover letter should include answers to the following questions;

What defines you as unique?
How do you identify yourself as a team player?
What performance habits do you practice?

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