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The First Year of Habitus Capital

The First Year of Habitus Capital

The concept of Habitus Capital was stumbled upon whilst aboard a small sailing boat, underneath the sunny Bavarian skies at the base of the picturesque Austrian Mountains. Four millennials envisioned a future, that would set in motion the foundations of this one-year old company. These foundations are engraved in our Purpose Statement and are the very essence of what Habitus Capital stands for.

Habitus Capital Purpose: To build an exclusive team of talented individuals that share a common ideology and create a unique cultural identity through practiced habits.

The Past;

This past year, can be likened to that of a maze. The number of times we have hit an impasse to be turned 180 degrees in search of the next best option, is countless. However, with every ‘wall’ we have encountered, we have been gifted with the opportunity to learn and grow, culminating in a year of countless, invaluable lessons. When your sole objective is to create a future that doesn’t yet exist, a few speed-bumps along the way, is built into the design.

I have had many people reach out and ask me about our model. Very often I get a bemused look when I give the following answer;

Habitus Capital is a cultural fund. We invest in our people and you invest in our vision of the future. Logically this type of answer will rarely raise the capital requirements to become a recognised fund within the industry. Fortunately, Habitus Capital is 100% self-backed. This gives us the luxury to create our envisioned future, incentivised and driven by our determination to be unique. When the time is right, we will invite those who share our vision to be apart of our journey.

The Present;

The fund has performed well this year. PROGRESS, is the best way to describe our collective effort. At every impasse we are accumulating marginal gains. Whilst we have built a number of impressive trading tools this year. Our Cultural Identity Tool is by far the most unique and cherished. In summation, this tool ensures we practice what we preach. Our name, Habitus, stems from the Latin word Habit. It is thus fitting that we have created a tool to habitually practice the very processes that will one day define our success.

This tool ensures we are accountable to each other. It enforces a corrective feedback loop that allows us to harness proactive solutions for every error that is automatically captured. This tool delegates responsibility and creativity to individual team members by granting a cultural portfolio to each of our members. Lastly this tool allows for honest reflection; as individuals and as team-mates.

Our greatest asset is not the fancy systems, nor the individual brilliance. Rather, the combined talent of each individual which is harnessed by this unique tool. This tool will ensure we create our own Legacy to be cherished for generations to come.

The Future;

2019 will be a year of continued, exciting PROGRESS. Numerous doors will be unlocked as we continue to strive toward efficiency, optimisation and consistency all within our current cultural frame-work. Some exciting highlights of year two at Habitus Capital will include;

-Having moved into our new offices in Fulham, London we are now able to expand our team further and add talent.

-Continued investment into the automation of our decision-making processes, to ensure we harness the power of automation.

-The launch our fully automated algorithmic fund.

-Continuous progression and evolution of our cultural identity.

-Once FCA regulated, invite our investors to be apart of the Habitus Capital journey.

Consistent Evolution

We will continue to adopt our instinctive habits and evolve with time, ultimately insuring continued, high-performance. It is thus fitting to finish off by quoting the inspiring Mr Ray Dalio.

‘Evolution is the single greatest force in the universe, it is the only thing that is permanent and it drives everything. Evolve or die’.

We choose evolution.

Brannigan Barrett

Chief Investment Officer

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